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What happens when the car ignition coil is broken?

2018/12/15 18:21:08

The engine is very shocking, just like a tractor;

Give oil, the car is powerless;

Jitter, not on the high-end position;

The broken fault light will be on;

The fuel truck is sitting backwards, then the front squats, the car suddenly protrudes, the engine shakes when idling, and the tail gas gasoline smells great.

When the primary coil is turned on, a strong magnetic field is generated around the current, and the core stores the magnetic field energy. When the switching device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil is rapidly attenuated, and the secondary coil is Will induce a very high voltage. The faster the magnetic field of the primary coil disappears, the larger the current at the moment of current disconnection, and the higher the turns ratio of the two coils, the higher the voltage induced by the secondary coil.

The ignition coil is divided into an open magnetic type and a closed magnetic type according to the magnetic circuit. The conventional ignition coil is an open-magnetic type, the core of which is laminated with a silicon steel sheet of about 0.3 mm, and the core is wound with a secondary and primary coil. In the closed magnetic mode, a core similar to III is used to surround the primary coil, and the outer coil is wound around the secondary coil, and the magnetic line is composed of a core to form a closed magnetic circuit. The advantage of the closed magnetic ignition coil is that the magnetic leakage is small, the energy loss is small, and the volume is small. Therefore, the electronic ignition system generally adopts a closed magnetic ignition coil.

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